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Welcome to Cash 4 Scrap Cars

Here at Cash 4 Scrap Cars we are skilled scrap car breakers in Yorkshire, legitimately licensed by the environment agency to take away old cars from scrap. We offer an unrestricted service which means that you need not pay any money when your car breaks down or if it fails MOT. After operating in Yorkshire for over two decades now, we have built up a reputation for fast response and punctuality. - We can be with you at short notice and we always arrive when we say we will!

Here at Cash 4 Scrap Car we work around the clock in command to be able to pick up your car at a time that suits you! So let Scrap My Car tow away and recycle your old vehicle completely free of charge and do your bit for the environment! Use the number one vehicle disposal company around!

Cash 4 Scrap Car Yorkshire - The business you can trust!

Whilst other, unprincipled, scrap car breakers may sell on your car we always safeguard that your car is recycled in the most environmentally friendly way possible. In many cases our opponents will not inform the DVLA of any change of ownership, which can lead to huge difficulties, speed tickets, parking fines and even involvement in criminal activity! So you need to be sure that your car will be scrapped in the suitable way. With Scrap My Car you can rest certain that everything is 'above board' and when we collect your scrap car the DVLA will be informed that you are no longer the owner as quickly as possible. With us, you will have true peace of mind!

We are willing to collect throughout the Yorkshire, from Manchester and down to Leeds, and will guarantee that the service you receive will be completely efficient, hassle free and will get rid of that scrap vehicle you don't want.

It's so easy to scrap your car where ever you are just by following these 3 simple steps:

1.Call us to arrange a time for the collection of your old scrap car in Bradford and give us as much information about the car as possible that way we will be able to estimate the vehicle to see if you the customer could in fact be due any money.

2. We will collect the car and the log book at the stated time. If it’s easier for you, you can send us the log book before the collection date. And even if you don’t have the log book for the vehicle we will still be able to help you.

3.You get intent of destruction certificate as well as section 9 of the logbook back.